The Goddesses are an all Female Character fleet and heavily focused on being the damn best looking Fleet around (so thats people particularly into the Tailoring and Costume aspects of the game, anyone whos put alot of love into creating their female characters is highly likely to be very welcome to join the fleet but the selection process is tough and only the best of the best are admitted [no boring standard uniforms here])!

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Icy and Zenny

Smouldery Zenny

 Cute hidey Zenny
 Zenny Pouncy!

 Icy! *giggles* you like *blush*

Friday, 1 January 2016

Meet T'Sar and Kitty of Love! :D (and me!)

Long Shot
Time for our close up!

One last Special one
Can you see the stare? *giggle*
Look of love? *giggle*

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Emily and Serial

Look, over there!

Are we on camera?

Pretend we don't know!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Fleet Amarda Meeting - Outcomes

So, Amada meeting was a relative success. Everyone got to have their view and we have some suggestions about who will be joining.

I would like us to decide quickly, I've had call from 2 lovely Q to get this decided and closed out this week and I think its important we do and get plans under way.

To summarise my position here:

I am happy to see so many Q keen for Armada. I am glad to go with the majority of Q as to which way we should take this. I have some personal concerns and feeling but nothing which is going to sway me in any direction and I am very happy to let everyone decide together. I obviously will be taking the council of the lovely Q council too.

To capture quickly some things said:

(8:11:10 AM) Lirein: It's my understanding that Rho and Kendra have already done some brainstorming for the Federation side?
(8:11:37 AM) Kendra: Yes we did :9
(8:12:13 AM) Kendra: Rho, Aiden and me had a meeting with leaders of -FS-
(8:12:31 AM) Kendra: we talked and did some brainstorming....
(8:12:46 AM) Kendra: and we started a concept :
(8:12:48 AM) Kendra:
(8:12:55 AM) Kendra: here for anyone to see
(8:13:35 AM) Lirein: Note: it's a work in progress and not final as it's still having room for more fleets to join

Lets decide quickly! Everyone post comments.

Conversation with Goddesses at 7/11/2015 7:29:59 AM on from SerialsPetMortal

(7:30:15 AM) Aidan: Hello Seri
(7:30:27 AM) Kendra: Hi Serry :D
(7:30:34 AM) Serial: ((Hiya :D))
(7:30:40 AM) Serial: hi hi :)
(7:31:02 AM) T'Kyr: hi serial
(7:31:36 AM) Mischies: SERRIDOODLES!
(7:31:53 AM) Serial: ((Mishchiesss booo! :D :D))
(7:32:01 AM) Serial: ((KENDRA :D))
(7:32:08 AM) Kendra: SERRY :D
(7:32:10 AM) Serial: ((hurrying mortal :D))
(7:32:20 AM) Kendra: I see a Brall ^.^
(7:32:42 AM) Serial: Serry is too bouncy for a just woke up mortal. hehe
(7:32:54 AM) Serial: ((lies! I'm JUST the right kind of bouncy *bounce bounce* :D))
(7:33:03 AM) Kendra: hehe
(7:35:40 AM) Serial: omw to the feel babe.. er base *giggle* (though I like fleet babe :D))
(7:35:47 AM) Serial: now let me see.. which seat :D
(7:36:02 AM) Serial: oooh I have the choice :D
(7:36:22 AM) Lirein: Will join for the meeting once I'm done checking on my toon's doffs
(7:37:16 AM) Serial: we have a meet soons.. but.... PEW PEW :D yay
(7:38:31 AM) T'Kyr: hio Angel
(7:38:35 AM) T'Kyr: Hi
(7:40:24 AM) Serial: *comfy :D
(7:40:29 AM) Serial: *chooses chair ;)
(7:40:45 AM) Serial: *giggle*
(7:43:59 AM) Serial: a
(7:44:09 AM) Serial: soooo.. is anyone comming to the Amada meet?
(7:44:15 AM) Serial: besides us lovely Q already here?
(7:44:27 AM) Serial: oooh nice view of Rarity :D
(7:44:38 AM) Mischies: Er? Armada meeting/
(7:44:38 AM) Serial: *thinks she looks lovely* :)
(7:44:51 AM) Serial: its in the event calander! :)
(7:45:03 AM) Lirein: Like I said earlier: Only checking on my toons' doffs, then I'll be there
(7:45:06 AM) T'Kyr: no one reads the events calendar
(7:45:13 AM) T'Kyr: well other than Aidan
(7:45:18 AM) Serial: oooh the scandle!
(7:45:20 AM) Mischies: I don't have access to Goddesses EVent calender....
(7:45:21 AM) Serial: *giggle*
(7:45:33 AM) Serial: Mischies don't? *faints away*
(7:45:41 AM) Mischies: I don't have a toon in Goddesses -.
(7:45:45 AM) Mischies: -.-
(7:45:48 AM) Serial: :O
(7:45:55 AM) T'Kyr: well TBH-i got no idea where the eventrs calendar is
(7:46:06 AM) Serial: but but but.. Mischies must comes... *drags*
(7:46:07 AM) T'Kyr: but then again thats par for the course with me
(7:46:24 AM) Mischies: Where to?
(7:46:30 AM) Lirein: Fleet window, lower right corner
(7:46:31 AM) Serial: ((its the "events" tab on the fleet page))
(7:46:57 AM) Serial: course us early birds are the sexiest of the Q *giggles*
(7:47:07 AM) Mischies: Serial, where am I going to? If it's Goddesses' Starbase, I can't get there unless invited...
(7:47:20 AM) Serial: *preen preeen* though late ones are also the sexiest.. never quite understood how that works *giggle*
(7:47:57 AM) Kendra: oh a kind of sandwich ^.^
(7:48:28 AM) Serial: *GIGGLE* ooh yes.. filled with Q goodness :D
(7:48:43 AM) Kendra: hehe
(7:48:43 AM) Mischies: Can someone just invite me to wherever this meeting is being held?
(7:49:29 AM) T'Kyr: you are invited Mischies
(7:49:30 AM) Serial: *blushes* I forgot you can't just come on your own *goes very red*
(7:49:35 AM) Mischies: Ty
(7:49:49 AM) Serial: come over here for cookies and a good licking hun
(7:51:00 AM) T'Kyr: I need a drink- brb
(7:51:01 AM) Serial: I found my seat :D *giggle*
(7:51:07 AM) Serial: ((kk T ))
(7:51:10 AM) Kendra: lols
(7:51:25 AM) Serial: I tried all seats earlier hehe
(7:52:06 AM) Lirein: OK, omw
(7:52:14 AM) Serial: I has a prize for the first attendee... so that was Rarity hehe
(7:52:36 AM) Mischies: *lets her kitty run all over the meeting room covering everyone in kitty hair*
(7:52:45 AM) Serial: :D oooh kitty!
(7:53:18 AM) Serial: dusk wants to play with Mischies booh's kitty
(7:53:24 AM) Mischies: hehe
(7:54:05 AM) Serial: should we start little early? or give errryone a chance to make 8
(7:54:19 AM) Zen: who else is coming?
(7:54:40 AM) Serial: well, I don't know.... maybe Zoe and Aly if we lucky.
(7:54:46 AM) Lirein: Where's Rho?
(7:55:07 AM) Serial: is Angel Bret coming?
(7:55:29 AM) Kendra: Looks like Rho is not online
(7:55:40 AM) T'Kyr: Rho was on earlier-i asked about the meeting but didnt get a reply
(7:57:09 AM) Serial: *is super excited*
(7:57:30 AM) Mischies: *Stuffs cookies in Serri's mouth to stop her bouncin*
(7:57:58 AM) T'Kyr: those are only interesating if done for your partner while unde in some private locale
(7:58:04 AM) T'Kyr: while nude
(7:58:29 AM) T'Kyr: referencing Jumpin Jacks
(7:58:36 AM) Serial: *noms cookies* stuffing with cookies?
(7:58:59 AM) T'Kyr: just dont see that often anywhere else (course i guess the military is one place
(7:59:01 AM) Serial: *giggles* T
(7:59:06 AM) Aidan: XD
(7:59:27 AM) T'Kyr: but i have avoided the military
(7:59:42 AM) Serial: Scadalously I have no Mana :(
(7:59:52 AM) Mischies: Who wants a HUG?
(7:59:59 AM) Serial: *HOLDS UP HAND
(8:00:35 AM) Mischies: *swquishy hugs Serri*
(8:02:11 AM) Mischies: Hmm..well done ParcelFarce...send me the track my parcel link, but not the ttracking number -.-
(8:02:17 AM) Serial: *hugs onto Mischies*
(8:02:54 AM) Serial: ((ParcelFarce still beter than NZ-Postal-Crooks. Who steal your mail if they can find an excuse))
(8:03:08 AM) Mischies: Royal Mail are as bad
(8:03:30 AM) Lirein: No offense, girls, but: COuld you try to keep things a bit more serious during this meeting aka not runing around like crazy and spamming emotes like the last few times?
(8:03:32 AM) Mischies: Have had plenty of letters not turn up
(8:03:47 AM) T'Kyr: hmm- weirdly-i have ne ver had a lost letter or pa ckage in my life- not form the US postal service nor Federal Express
(8:03:51 AM) Serial: :P I wouldn't be Serry if I wasn't a Q
(8:04:21 AM) Serial: *is put out at someone objecting to Q being Q*
(8:04:41 AM) T'Kyr: I think the request is refering to keeping things to the business at hand
(8:04:46 AM) Lirein: Maybe, but the issue is too important and serious for shenanigans
(8:04:48 AM) Serial: Ok lovelies... lets get this started.
(8:05:08 AM) Angarus: I'm here, geez
(8:05:19 AM) Serial: welcome Yun :D
(8:05:29 AM) T'Kyr: Hi Ang
(8:05:48 AM) Angarus: hey
(8:06:00 AM) Zen: Heyas Ang =)
(8:06:02 AM) Lirein: Well, once all seats are taken we can start
(8:06:05 AM) Aidan: Hello
(8:06:11 AM) Kendra: Hi Yun
(8:06:37 AM) Lirein: Seri, sit down please
(8:06:44 AM) Serial: ok.. i guess first, those with the strongest opinion should get ideas said.. but lets start Alphabetically. Ang first :) [or we can go backwards and that would be Zen]/
(8:07:00 AM) Lirein: Yun, you too please?
(8:07:11 AM) Lirein: There's still a seat empty ;)
(8:08:09 AM) Lirein: OK, as everyone should have heard by now we'll be getting an Armada system shortly
(8:08:19 AM) Serial: Ok, so we are here to decide on what to do about the Amarda thing-me-doooh-dad.
(8:08:31 AM) Serial: sorry, Coryan, go on ^^
(8:09:16 AM) Lirein: It's basically an alliance of up to 13 fleets. Inside those armadas all fleets can open up their fleet projects for donations by the other fleets.
(8:10:22 AM) Lirein: With Goddesses being a rather small fleet (and don'T get me startet with Goddess, our KDF wing), you know that it's very important to get us allied with reliable partners so we can finally get those..
(8:10:40 AM) Lirein: holdings up and runnning, especially with the next one coming up as well
(8:10:59 AM) Serial: we would get there... I'm not a rusher... ask my wife ;)
(8:11:10 AM) Lirein: It's my understanding that Rho and Kendra have already done some brainstorming for the Federation side?
(8:11:37 AM) Kendra: Yes we did :9
(8:12:13 AM) Kendra: Rho, Aiden and me had a meeting with leaders of -FS-
(8:12:31 AM) Kendra: we talked and did some brainstorming....
(8:12:46 AM) Kendra: and we started a concept :
(8:12:48 AM) Kendra:
(8:12:55 AM) Kendra: here for anyone to see
(8:13:35 AM) Lirein: Note: it's a work in progress and not final as it's still having room for more fleets to join
(8:13:57 AM) Serial: ((Think I broke the site by pasting in Serries appreciative nodding))
(8:14:13 AM) Lirein: Ah, Hi Candy. Armada-meeting's in progress, will you jopin us?
(8:14:17 AM) Lirein: *join
(8:14:34 AM) Serial: :D CANDY! *CHEER*
(8:14:43 AM) Candy(Emma): where?
(8:14:45 AM) Aidan: ah
(8:14:48 AM) Aidan:
(8:14:58 AM) Aidan: that is one I just took so it should work
(8:14:59 AM) Lirein: Fed fleet starbase
(8:15:11 AM) T'Kyr: i saw this Armada set up previously
(8:15:18 AM) Candy(Emma): ok
(8:15:19 AM) Serial: Fleet base of course silly Candy ;)
(8:15:43 AM) Lirein: I myself would like to add the fleet of a friend of mine to that list
(8:16:02 AM) Aidan: Yes Thoro?
(8:16:08 AM) Lirein: It's "Dark Pleasures", leader is @Rekkoff
(8:16:12 AM) Aidan: Fleet name and leader?
(8:16:13 AM) Aidan: ah
(8:16:16 AM) Aidan: ok
(8:16:37 AM) Aidan: I'll have to chat ^^ tami has been very flexible so far
(8:16:37 AM) Serial: First question.. who wants an Amarda? *vote*
(8:16:56 AM) Lirein: They are a bit of a pervy bunch, as the name might hint at, but very nice people.
(8:17:08 AM) Kendra: i want
(8:17:10 AM) Angarus: I'm probably the only one who doesn't relish an armada :p
(8:17:16 AM) T'Kyr: I think with our various chat chanels we already regognize that our social circles are larger than any single fleet
(8:17:22 AM) Zen: If there's a solid guideline as long as there's no priority to specific fleets, sure
(8:17:28 AM) Aidan: What are your concerns Yun?
(8:17:40 AM) Serial: I am not highly in favour... we have too much fighting with a small group of Q.
(8:17:51 AM) T'Kyr: so acknowledging that fact and having formal ties with some other like-minded -yet different fleets seems to be a good idea to me
(8:18:23 AM) T'Kyr: we have our singular status remaining intact yet help when we may nweed it
(8:18:41 AM) Serial: Imagine the kinds of disagreement that will happen when its fleet against fleet :(
(8:19:21 AM) Aidan: There will always be friction in any group, even among friends as I believe we are all too aware
(8:19:24 AM) Lirein: Seri: The fleet will still be for itself, we have full control over what, where and when other fleets can donate to our fleet projects
(8:19:24 AM) Kendra: Thats why we choose these special fleets in our cencept serry. all are friends of us
(8:19:39 AM) Serial: Though, I am also scared of SuperNova's and the fashion of longer hemlines.. so I go with wiser Q *giggle*
(8:19:42 AM) T'Kyr: there is no need for fighting-these are independent flweets- they can and we can all be oursel ves and do things we wish to on our own- but we have support when we can agree
(8:19:51 AM) Candy(Emma): so what is the benefit of having the armada?
(8:20:19 AM) Lirein: It's basically just and Fleet-Project-exchange
(8:20:25 AM) Lirein: *an
(8:20:43 AM) Zen: Ok so from what I''m reading, the benefits of Armadas is for friendly fleets to help the smaller fleets with projects and vice versa WHILE still maintaining what we do in our own fleets. Correct?
(8:21:08 AM) Lirein: Bigger fleets get the chance to donate to smaller ones, making it easier for them to generate FC while the smaller ones can finally get the projects done
(8:21:12 AM) T'Kyr: its help when we need it- for projects- plus its an extended alliance of friends when we need it as well
(8:21:44 AM) Lirein: It's even possible for the smaller ones to doante to the big ones

(8:21:45 AM) T'Kyr: while we still maintain our independence
(8:21:54 AM) Zen: My question: Who will determine which fleet's projects we concentrate first, 2nd, 3rd, etc...
(8:22:11 AM) Kendra: we are at the point were we need millions of dillitium. thats to big for our small group off active players
(8:22:45 AM) T'Kyr: for a casual fleet like ours- having help can make a huge difference
(8:22:52 AM) Lirein: That's the beauty: Each fleet can decide for which projects they want which kind of help
(8:23:13 AM) Zen: No i mean which fleet do we concentrate on first, which fleet is 2nd, 3rd, etc...
(8:23:18 AM) Lirein: And the other fleets can freely choose whom they want to support
(8:23:33 AM) T'Kyr: i dont see a down side here frankly
(8:23:34 AM) Zen: Like all fleets in the armada donate to fleet one until the project is done
(8:23:43 AM) Aidan: The bonuses are "fixed" by Cryptic but yes each fleet can set their own targetted goals or restrictions
(8:23:53 AM) Zen: the concentrate on fleet 2 with a project, then move to fleet 3, etc...
(8:24:01 AM) T'Kyr: we can get help when we need it
(8:24:20 AM) Zen: So all projects are presented already and we just choose which fleet to donate to?
(8:24:48 AM) Aidan: in the current model discussed a few days ago we would set up an Armada Council of the fleet leaders to meet and discuss who needs what
(8:25:46 AM) Zen: So let's say fleet 1 and fleet 3 need science DoFFs, which fleet do we donate first
(8:25:50 AM) Zen: as an example
(8:25:50 AM) Aidan: that would be tami, @Daelos, Me, Miacha and Epoch (right now)
(8:26:04 AM) Aidan: Mischa*
(8:26:26 AM) Lirein: All fleets in an armada will decide for themselves which projects they want help with and in what way/with what resource. The members of the other fleets in the armada will see those and decide by...
(8:26:39 AM) Aidan: well yes and Kendra
(8:26:43 AM) Aidan: >.<
(8:27:00 AM) Lirein: themselves whom they want to support based on the resources they have available
(8:27:09 AM) Zen: Yes I understand all that, but what if multiple fleets in the armada need the same resources. Which fleet do we concentrate on first
(8:27:37 AM) T'Kyr: that can be done by vote or random lottery -whatever is decided
(8:27:42 AM) Lirein: With so many potential donaters in an armada I highly doubt that question will ever come up
(8:27:56 AM) Aidan: that woudl be for the Armada Council to determine Zeno and that's as yet a bit hypothetical
(8:28:01 AM) Zen: Can't say it wont happen, need to be prepared for anything
(8:28:07 AM) Zen: So no loopholes appear
(8:28:09 AM) T'Kyr: point is- there is free help from a much larger grloup- where as not particpating we NEVER get that help
(8:28:34 AM) Kendra: good words T
(8:28:57 AM) Aidan: over and above "active" help there are some small % bonuses to marks and dillithium
(8:29:13 AM) Zen: Never said anything wrong with the free help, would be nice to see solid guidelines being layout first rather than "winging it"
(8:29:14 AM) Aidan: simply for "being" in an armada
(8:30:05 AM) Lirein: Those are policies that we need to outline once we actually have established an armada... we cannot decide those as a single fleet
(8:30:05 AM) Candy(Emma): I think that for a small fleet we done very well
(8:30:27 AM) Angarus: we certainly have done very well
(8:30:36 AM) Lirein: I disagree
(8:30:36 AM) T'Kyr: well the decision has to first be- is joining a good idea- THEn we can discuss the mechanics of how to set up a fair system
(8:30:48 AM) Serial: *HERE HERE* Emma!
(8:30:53 AM) Zen: Yeah that's all I wanted to know, if there's something planned in the future for guidelines so no fleet becomes a favorite so-to-speak
(8:31:02 AM) Serial: and thank you for giving us so much *hugs* Candy
(8:31:24 AM) T'Kyr: well whether we feel we have done well on our own or not- the fact remains that THIS allows us an oportunity to move thinbgs forward MUCH easier with free help
(8:31:41 AM) Lirein: I rarely disagree with Candy, but in this case I do. We done really BAD as a fleet regarding fleet projects
(8:32:16 AM) Angarus: a fleet is more than just projects
(8:32:18 AM) T'Kyr: its like prop airplens- they worked- often well-but does that mean jets should be ignored as not needed?
(8:32:24 AM) Zen: There's not enough active so yeah, I'm with Corayn. So yeah we need the help
(8:32:57 AM) Serial: Agrees with Yun.. and because she DOES agree. Dispite what other views may hold (Yun and I can disagree)
(8:33:12 AM) T'Kyr: we can use the help -its free- and it will give us an alliance that may grow to mean other ways to help too
(8:34:17 AM) Serial: ((I have a view... and I am maybe not an optimist.))
(8:34:19 AM) Zen: (( booo, checking steam overlay unseats me lol ))
(8:34:24 AM) T'Kyr: and again- we still retain total control here-that doesnt change
(8:34:35 AM) Kendra: i am with Corayn. We are just at Fleet Lvl 16...after over 3 years.... thats sad.
(8:34:43 AM) Serial: ((what I see happening is that people will donate to the bigger fleets and the sorts who like the stuff will migrate there))
(8:35:05 AM) Serial: ((so, Goddesses will infact probably be worse off in contribs.. but maybe its fairer on Q))
(8:35:22 AM) T'Kyr: they wont have to- we will have access staying HERE- and the larger flweets will be donating to US
(8:35:26 AM) Zen: (( so main concern is that people will leave for other fleets? ))
(8:35:31 AM) Lirein: The very fact that 2 out of 3 Fed starbase projects are once again just missing doffs and noone used the opportunity while being HERE to fill those up by spending some FC proves my point.
(8:35:41 AM) Serial: ((if you have the choice, of donating to a MILLIONS needed project, or to a THOUSANDS required.. where would you put your resource?))
(8:35:52 AM) T'Kyr: this is a way for larger fleets to help the smaller- NOT the opposite
(8:36:04 AM) Lirein: Seri, it's about the BIGGER fleets helping US
(8:36:05 AM) Aidan: Give me a few minutes Thoro XD
(8:36:55 AM) Serial: ((bigger groups take advantage of smaller ones, in the general pattern of humanity))
(8:37:13 AM) Serial: ((they tend to use the smaller ones for covnience, helping only when it helps them))
(8:37:26 AM) Lirein: It does help them, Seri
(8:37:29 AM) Serial: *has a private word with her mortal*
(8:37:37 AM) Aidan: To be fair to tami ... I hardly think -FS- will be "taking advantage" of Goddesses - FS is DONE COMPLETE
(8:37:44 AM) Lirein: Big fleets have a massive problem generating fleet credits
(8:37:49 AM) Aidan: they are offering HELP
(8:37:52 AM) Serial: Sorry, he can't see the glory of humanity for too long seeing the negative side.
(8:37:53 AM) T'Kyr: trust me- the large fleets do NOT need to steal our few members NOR do they need to steal out meger dilithioum
(8:38:18 AM) Aidan: -Fae is level 15 at 13.5 months
(8:38:38 AM) Aidan: we will be COMPLETE at 20 Months at our current rate
(8:38:44 AM) Lirein: RHO!
(8:38:44 AM) Serial: Oh, I know FS is fine.
(8:38:45 AM) Kendra: I see a Rho
(8:39:06 AM) Lirein: Rho, meeting's in progress, you going to join us?
(8:39:10 AM) Aidan: WE... are offering help
(8:39:29 AM) Serial: ((I don't have an issue with any Fleet.. but people aren't all bad, but they are all generally p ath of least resistance.. Goddesses is different and so is FS.))
(8:39:32 AM) Kendra: Yes we do.
(8:39:45 AM) Serial: So, with my mortals approval. I agree on FS, for my vote.
(8:40:09 AM) Serial: A RHO!? where?
(8:40:26 AM) Zen: Sunbathing!
(8:41:15 AM) T'Kyr: I tihnk with the right sort of fleet alliances in thios armada this will work well (NO ONE is saying lets hook up with Dental
(8:41:29 AM) Kendra: The Armada system is a Win win situiation without any risk
(8:41:31 AM) Aidan: amusing...
(8:41:46 AM) Lirein: The armada system, at least the way it's supposed to get implemented, is a win-win-situation far all involved
(8:41:55 AM) T'Kyr: I agree
(8:41:55 AM) Lirein: *for
(8:42:14 AM) Candy(Emma): there is always a risk
(8:42:16 AM) Serial: Well, I am just honestly afraid of more fighting and disgreements.
(8:42:29 AM) Serial: I can put that aside and see what happens
(8:42:38 AM) Aidan: That is what the Leaders' Council is for
(8:42:42 AM) Lirein: How? WE decide what kind of help we want (and will get) for which projects.
(8:42:54 AM) Lirein: THe other fleets have no say in that
(8:42:54 AM) Aidan: to plan, allocate and manage the Armada
(8:43:21 AM) Aidan: Each individual fleet sets its own priorities
(8:43:27 AM) T'Kyr: we still retian ful control of this fleet and have no need to ask anyone;s permission
(8:43:38 AM) T'Kyr: so whats to fight about?
(8:44:39 AM) Lirein: I would actually call it a win-win-win situation: Win one for the bigger fleets to be able to finally generate FC, win for small fleets as they get their projects done and win for me as I don't need..
(8:44:42 AM) Serial: well, ok.. I abstain. I don't have sufficient info. I am happy as long as we don't fight and row as a family *hugs fleet*
(8:44:49 AM) Aidan: the Moderate sized fleets can support the smaller fleets with targetted help as requested
(8:45:09 AM) Lirein: to get annoyed because of the lack of discipline I complained so often about in the past XD
(8:45:09 AM) Aidan: again this will all be ironed out in the Leaders' Council
(8:45:19 AM) Tami: i assume the person donating stuff will see a list of projects that can be donated to, so basically each member of each fleet within the armada will decide themself where to put their stuff
(8:45:40 AM) Aidan: as I thought as well tami, thank you
(8:45:58 AM) Tami: and i assume each fleet will tell their peeps somethign like "donate to our own projects first, have something left... pick whatever other project you want!"
(8:46:02 AM) frostdamage: yes, fleets can even lock projects so only certain ones can be donated to
(8:46:22 AM) Tami: each fleet themself can decide which projects they want armada donations too as far as i know
(8:46:29 AM) Aidan: that in turn would not prevent any fleet for requesting (important word with a specific meaning) targetted help on a specific project
(8:46:53 AM) Lirein: Bigger fleets often have the issue that their projects are filled up too fast for anyone to donate
(8:47:01 AM) Tami: so every fleet will have control how much donations they can get.. but of course nobody can control how much they get, that depends on whoever is putting stuff in
(8:47:32 AM) Aidan: and it will be sporatic
(8:47:35 AM) Zen: Seeing progress would be nice
(8:47:44 AM) T'Kyr: I already have seen issues with no place to donate sometimes- am sure large fleets have a serious issue with that
(8:47:55 AM) Aidan: some days will be boon and some days not - it comes and goes and that is the nature of things
(8:48:06 AM) Aidan: bottom line is .0000000001 > 0
(8:48:07 AM) Lirein: Exactly. Like I said, big fleets have issues to generate FC
(8:48:15 AM) Aidan: any help.... is help
(8:48:24 AM) Aidan: and that is what is being offered
(8:48:37 AM) frostdamage: I still see dil being an issue, seeing has most people don't like donating it :P
(8:48:50 AM) frostdamage: most just want to dump fleet marks
(8:48:54 AM) RhoRho: where is everyone?
(8:48:59 AM) Aidan: well the Dil cut at the Gamma level maxes at 14%
(8:48:59 AM) Lirein: Fed starbase
(8:49:10 AM) Aidan: which is 14% MORE bonus than you have now
(8:49:16 AM) Aidan: QED
(8:49:20 AM) RhoRho: oh duh... brb
(8:49:32 AM) Lirein: Besides: When people need FC they are also willing to donate Dil if they have to
(8:50:27 AM) T'Kyr: this simply gives more players more projects to easily donate to
(8:50:34 AM) Lirein: ^this
(8:50:50 AM) Lirein: And that in return will even out FC a lot more.
(8:50:55 AM) Zen: Dili donation is good
(8:51:05 AM) Serial: One final note from the cheep seats.... will it really be Goddesses acheivement if the other fleets finish what we ALL worked hard for.. or will it be theirs?
(8:51:17 AM) Angel (the lovely): I have a concern
(8:51:24 AM) Lirein: It's our progress
(8:51:26 AM) Serial: Fleet base RhoRho *hugs*
(8:51:38 AM) Lirein: They just donate to it in exchange for FC
(8:51:47 AM) Zen: I think we'll be credited for it since its our projects
(8:51:54 AM) Zen: The other fleets are just going to help.
(8:52:06 AM) Lirein: ^and earn FC in the progress
(8:52:07 AM) T'Kyr: if we are an ASrmada- whats the difference-we are only inviting and allying with friends-so is all of us helping each other a bad thing?
(8:52:08 AM) Angel (the lovely): May I voice my concern please?
(8:52:22 AM) Lirein: Sure
(8:52:26 AM) T'Kyr: are we gonna turn that into some weird type of competition now?
(8:52:32 AM) Lirein: That's why we have this meeting
(8:52:37 AM) Mischies: MEEP! Is that an Amanda I see?!
(8:52:51 AM) Serial: Angel what is your concern?
(8:52:53 AM) Angel (the lovely): By thebigger fleets finishing our progects doesn't that mean it's going to be harder for us to earn FC?
(8:53:09 AM) Candy(Emma): yup
(8:53:10 AM) Zen: I was thinking the same thing
(8:53:13 AM) RhoRho: not necessarily
(8:53:24 AM) Lirein: Again: We control what projects and what can be donated to it
(8:53:31 AM) RhoRho: we still control the times and when things get queued
(8:53:39 AM) Zen: Unless there's a way to limit how much other fleets can donate to other fleets
(8:53:45 AM) T'Kyr: we will have more allies to donate to as well
(8:53:47 AM) Aidan: you can even close access to your projects
(8:53:48 AM) Serial: Its not about credit its about feeling.. I feel Goddesses, all people having Q and lovely fashion, built us.. I feel they are all part of us, part of me... I feel our effort is special.
(8:53:53 AM) Angel (the lovely): yes but; FC
(8:54:02 AM) Candy(Emma): i need to go
(8:54:07 AM) Angel (the lovely): for our fleets is what I am worried about
(8:54:10 AM) Serial: I feel, too much outside aid doesn't feel quite as 'ours'.
(8:54:15 AM) Aidan: so that would be a concern "without" control but that "GATE" has been provided by Cryptic
(8:54:15 AM) RhoRho: is anybody capping this?
(8:54:16 AM) Angarus: aww ok, see ya Emma
(8:54:57 AM) RhoRho: toodles Candy, nice to see ya
(8:54:58 AM) Zen: It may not feel like "ours" but me personally, not seeing much progress in the projects discourages me personally.
(8:55:00 AM) T'Kyr: the aid we wil be getting isnt going to off set our need to stuill do thin gs ourselves for this fleet- its simply SOME help-
(8:55:07 AM) Lirein: We can for example say that we'll still do flarks and doffs by ourselves: No issues for us generating FCs
(8:55:31 AM) Kendra: i really relly LOVE our fleet serry but i donĂ‚´t want to work the next 3 years on our Starbase till its finished
(8:55:42 AM) T'Kyr: we can decide how ,much or how little aid we get
(8:55:43 AM) RhoRho: true true
(8:55:54 AM) RhoRho: anybody capturing this?
(8:55:57 AM) Serial: Angel, makes a good point.
(8:56:03 AM) Mischies: Mischies knows that Feeling too KEndra...
(8:56:04 AM) Zen: What Kendra said, and I've been with Goddesses since practically launch.
(8:56:11 AM) Tami: from the armada blog: "Fleets will be able to control which projects other Fleets are allowed to donate to, and will be able to control both what resources their Fleet members can donate to other ..
(8:56:14 AM) Tami: ..Fleets and what resources other Fleets can donate to them."
(8:56:46 AM) RhoRho: thank you Tami
(8:56:48 AM) T'Kyr: each fleet has total control
(8:56:51 AM) Lirein: No, Seri, you and Angel haven't understood the Armada system properly, that's all
(8:56:59 AM) Serial: Rho I have full logs
(8:57:01 AM) Tami: so there shouldnt be anything to fear. if you get "to much help" you just flag less projects that the armada even can donate to.. problem solved
(8:57:08 AM) RhoRho: awesome
(8:57:20 AM) frostdamage: all your armada belong to us
(8:57:34 AM) RhoRho: i've not used pidgin for some time now... by request
(8:57:38 AM) Tami: but tbh, i wouldnt overestimate the armada ressource throughput
(8:57:58 AM) Cuddles: why would somone stop you using pidgin?
(8:58:02 AM) T'Kyr: I dont see where there is any loss of control by our fleet in joining the armada
(8:58:05 AM) RhoRho: omg, lol Ganky!! (aka cuddles)
(8:58:16 AM) Aidan: hehe
(8:58:19 AM) Tami: basically.. every fleet will still have to build their stuff themself, there will be donations of course, but i doubt we will see anything like "oh shit, everythings done already!"
(8:58:25 AM) T'Kyr: we could join and still do things exactly at the pace we are now
(8:58:28 AM) Serial: hehe Cuddles.
(8:58:31 AM) Aidan: all the FS/Fae peeps ^^
(8:58:36 AM) Tami: simply because our armada isnt made up of loads of done-fleets
(8:58:48 AM) RhoRho: hehe, that's FS :)
(8:58:59 AM) Serial: ((Rho who on earth would request you not to use Pidgin? *surprsied*))
(8:59:32 AM) T'Kyr: we aren't on EARTH
(9:00:03 AM) Serial: ((hehe I was asking her mortal))
(9:00:21 AM) Lirein: Aaaaaanyway. There's also the issue of the KDF side and to which fleets we want to reach out there
(9:00:46 AM) T'Kyr: can an armada be mixed KDf and Fed?
(9:00:58 AM) Lirein: No (at least not yet)
(9:00:58 AM) Serial: Well, I'm a girl who likes the getting there not the ejaculation, to put it crudely... same with fleet stuff.
(9:01:03 AM) Zen: I MIGHT have a suggestion but it depends if anyone is on, for KDF side that is
(9:01:10 AM) Serial: i'm in no rush.. I love working with everyone to get us moving.
(9:01:36 AM) RhoRho: Banished is a logical Alpha on KDF side, of which a number of us are a part of
(9:01:44 AM) Lirein: I'm on... Amata, my Orion girl, is my main :P
(9:01:45 AM) Serial: I don't understand this rush to finish.
(9:01:48 AM) Aidan: yes
(9:01:58 AM) Zen: No rush either but doing so much work and seeing little progress will eventually discourage people. Everyone has a limit
(9:02:00 AM) RhoRho: this seems just as applicable to/for F.S. kdf fleet
(9:02:10 AM) Aidan: Cio already is on Banished's TBD list
(9:02:20 AM) Serial: hmm, well, I guess.. like infinite flirting.
(9:02:27 AM) Aidan: filling fast so I'd suggest acting on that if you are interested
(9:02:28 AM) ChampagneSweet: Basically
(9:02:29 AM) Lirein: Banished Orion Girls is a good suggestion
(9:02:36 AM) RhoRho: not really so much a rush as an opportunity for those that are further along to help those that are not
(9:02:40 AM) Serial: *bites her lip* though even that doesn't sound TOO bad *giggle*
(9:02:58 AM) Kendra: ((with all respect for u Serry. but u are a casual player who are just 2 days in a week online. its not important to u to make great and fast progress and push your Chars to the limit))
(9:03:04 AM) Mischies: Sorry, kinda afk - nomming and talking to Sophia
(9:03:13 AM) Angel (the lovely): back up
(9:03:14 AM) Serial: *nips Mischies :)
(9:03:19 AM) Serial: wb Angel
(9:03:22 AM) angel54201: MT
(9:03:56 AM) Kendra: ((for me it is))
(9:03:56 AM) Serial: Your right Kendra, about the mortal.
(9:03:58 AM) Lirein: Rho, you know that Banished girls better then me... could you reach out to them?
(9:04:07 AM) Serial: Though, about me.... I care about people here.
(9:04:13 AM) Lirein: *The Banished girls
(9:04:29 AM) Serial: and if people here are 'needing' this.. then I don't mind giving up what I want for people to be happy.
(9:04:33 AM) Aidan: Thoro
(9:04:38 AM) Aidan: I'm also in Banished
(9:04:40 AM) Aidan: at 5
(9:04:50 AM) Aidan: I think?
(9:04:53 AM) Aidan: maybe 4
(9:05:00 AM) Aidan: haven't looked recently
(9:05:11 AM) frostdamage: you're the same rank as rho
(9:05:15 AM) Tami: ganki is a leader of banished and shes in here *cough cough* :P
(9:05:16 AM) Aidan: LOL
(9:05:20 AM) Aidan: ty Cuddles
(9:05:22 AM) Aidan: XD
(9:05:23 AM) Tami: just sayin
(9:05:29 AM) Serial: but... saying this.. my experience as a Goddess teaches me that its the journey which is special. The arriving is often unimportant.
(9:05:29 AM) Lirein: Ah^^
(9:05:33 AM) Aidan: yep
(9:05:50 AM) Zen: (( afk for a bit, doggy wants out ))
(9:05:58 AM) Aidan: LOTS of crossover FS/Banished/Fae/Cio and some Goddesses (already)
(9:06:06 AM) Aidan: it's a natural fit
(9:06:45 AM) RhoRho: yes, I'm in good company there (Ganky, Tami, Aidan can help)
(9:06:54 AM) RhoRho: yes to approaching Banished
(9:06:59 AM) Tami: also for this armada council channel, i suggest we include 2 persons from each fleet (leader+XO) although
(9:07:09 AM) Aidan: agreed
(9:07:12 AM) Lirein: (( Well, let me put it this way, Seri: It's annoying me big times that my Orion girl has a f'n 4.5m FC in her wallet but cannot spend it one bit because the KDF holdings don'T amke any progress
(9:07:49 AM) Tami: my personal opinion is that there wont be much "armada-leading" taking place at all, as basically.. an armada is just a ressource-pool and except that i think each fleet has their own organization
(9:07:58 AM) Mischies: Bastet kinda has a problem there, Tami, as I'm really the only leader
(9:08:12 AM) RhoRho: Tam, wanna intro the F.S. kdf plan, that involves banished
(9:08:16 AM) Aidan: *clears throat* (fixable)
(9:08:16 AM) Kendra: afk for a while need to take a walk with the dog bbs
(9:08:30 AM) Tami: so if anything that councils main concern is more about who to invite to the armada if theres slots or to try to solve conflicts if there are any in armada chat or something
(9:08:48 AM) Lirein: ^this
(9:09:09 AM) Aidan: I made Armada Leaders chat already for the confirmed members
(9:09:26 AM) Lirein: I agree on that most of the Armada politics will be who to add to the fold and who not
(9:09:28 AM) Cudddles: and as for Banished we're pretty much an unorganised bunch that haven't bothered to discuss the armada in too much depth :P
(9:09:40 AM) Cuddles: also great mt there :<
(9:09:41 AM) Serial: Well. Maybe we just focus on what fleets we love. Mine are FS (because it has a Rho Rho *giggle*) and I think that ends the list.
(9:09:45 AM) RhoRho: well you are the alpha KDF
(9:09:56 AM) RhoRho: i seen it ;)
(9:10:38 AM) Serial: I also like the Pirates fleet, which has Rachel and Nem. Though there ends my list.. one loved one liked.
(9:11:18 AM) Lirein: Well, seeing as Rho has connections to most of the fleets in question to join up with in an Armada I think it would be a good idea to make her our diplomat :P
(9:11:38 AM) Mischies: *throws cookies onthe table*
(9:12:03 AM) Tami: and no problem Mischa, just bring a 2nd then whenever you have, bringing 2 is just meant to increase coverage a bit
(9:12:25 AM) Cuddles: Or just clone yourself, problem solved
(9:12:43 AM) Lirein: *points at her suggestion above*
(9:12:59 AM) Mischies: I have many mes
(9:13:16 AM) Serial: I would vote for Rho for anything ~smile
(9:13:24 AM) Serial: *takes cookie :D
(9:13:53 AM) RhoRho: accepts nomination
(9:14:47 AM) Serial: :D Ambassador Rho *bows*
(9:15:32 AM) Lirein: Any objections about Rho serving as our diplomat?
(9:15:46 AM) RhoRho: customers calleth :)
(9:15:54 AM) Cuddles: not if she comes baring diplomatic chocolate
(9:16:30 AM) Kendra: back
(9:16:47 AM) Serial: yay WB :)
(9:16:58 AM) Kendra: thanks
(9:18:27 AM) Lirein: Well, I guess we could then delay the meeting until Rho and the other fleets have come up with a structure for both a Fed and a KDF armada
(9:18:47 AM) Lirein: And then have a vote about it
(9:19:23 AM) Aidan: Cio is too small to be anything but a gamma
(9:19:37 AM) Aidan: not much help and we are in line with Banished
(9:19:50 AM) Mischies: As it stands, I certainly have no objections to Bastet being a Gamma
(9:20:08 AM) T'Kyr: Rho as diplomat has my vote
(9:20:20 AM) Lirein: Like I said: That would be something for the diplomats to sort out as they know the individual fleets' strenghts and weaknesses
(9:20:21 AM) T'Kyr: So does joining Armada
(9:20:35 AM) T'Kyr: sadly-i gotta log now- nap time before dance time
(9:20:38 AM) Tami: same here actually, asked ganki to get f.s. in on kdf side as gamma, our kdf fleet isnt much developed.. somehow i aint feel motivated to play klingons much lol
(9:21:04 AM) Aidan: Take care sis
(9:21:10 AM) Tami: gonna be totally up to banished leadership to find out what fleets they want and how much room they have in their armada
(9:21:16 AM) Serial: night night T
(9:21:23 AM) frostdamage: *cough* ganki now taking bribes *cough*
(9:21:37 AM) Tami: *hands over a suppliment*
(9:21:39 AM) Tami: ;p
(9:21:41 AM) frostdamage: :D
(9:21:53 AM) Serial: *passes Mischies cookies* Currency good in 4 fleets ^^
(9:22:00 AM) frostdamage: LOL
(9:22:08 AM) T'Kyr: bye all -be safe
(9:22:15 AM) Serial: byeeee T
(9:22:16 AM) Mischies: Laters T
(9:25:25 AM) Lirein: Well, unless anyone has something to add I think we can end the meeting for now and Rho will call us back together once the concepts are done
(9:25:29 AM) Serial: So... we have a general feel for the Amarda then?
(9:25:34 AM) Zen: Bye T =)
(9:27:47 AM) Lirein: Well, as noone seems to have something to add I hereby close the meeting :P
(9:27:52 AM) RhoRho: Awesome sauces... :)
(9:28:10 AM) Mischies: Mustard and Ketchup?
(9:28:47 AM) Lirein: afk ;)
(9:28:52 AM) RhoRho: me could not help him get his Inet restored so sent him on a mad rush to have his modem swapped out :D
(9:28:59 AM) Zen: Time to hit elite PvEs now then =D
(9:30:04 AM) Serial: Lets form a team! :)
(9:30:22 AM) Zen: Elite ground?
(9:30:46 AM) Serial: Your choice :D
(9:30:52 AM) Zen: Brotherhood, Bug, and Undine are the ones I've been farming
(9:31:04 AM) Zen: Its up you to guys, have the gear? its farm status to me
(9:31:45 AM) Serial: well, being a Serry... I have the best gear... but I don't know if that works for pew-pew*giggle*
(9:31:50 AM) Zen: But otherwise just queue up for anything
(9:32:00 AM) Serial: I've made Zen leads
(9:32:07 AM) Zen: I gave it back to you =P
(9:32:23 AM) Mischies: Sorry, what's going on?
(9:32:31 AM) Zen: PvEs
(9:32:49 AM) Serial: well, not sure yet
(9:32:55 AM) Serial: Elite somethings.
(9:33:06 AM) Mischies: I won't be coming along
(9:33:13 AM) Mischies: i need to go napsies
(9:33:17 AM) Serial: awww ok Mischies boohs.

(9:33:35 AM) Serial: *clones herself, leaps to Mischies shoulders*
(9:33:45 AM) Mischies: Hehe *cuddles and pets*
(9:33:50 AM) Mischies: Good night everyone
(9:34:10 AM) Zen: Night
(9:35:33 AM) Mischies: Ciao
(9:35:37 AM) Serial: ok... well, its just us chickens.
(9:35:45 AM) Serial: night night Mischies booh *huggs*
(9:35:59 AM) Zen: Time to queue up then =)
(9:36:06 AM) Serial: which one?
(9:36:08 AM) RhoRho: no takers on two more?
(9:36:24 AM) Zen: Cora afk or?
(9:36:25 AM) Serial: 2 more would be good *nods like this*
(9:36:54 AM) Serial:
(9:36:56 AM) RhoRho: think she might be
(9:37:34 AM) Zen: If you guys are feeling those 3 elite ground, sure. We can queue up for anyting else though if you guys want
(9:37:38 AM) Serial: Rho Rho can you summon up an Aly ? :D
(9:37:43 AM) RhoRho: i'm good to hit the Queue's
(9:37:58 AM) RhoRho: i don't think she is online atm... bout dinner time
(9:38:01 AM) RhoRho: i'll look
(9:38:02 AM) Serial: ill make you Lead Rho
(9:38:17 AM) Serial: then you can find 2 more *hugggs*
(9:38:23 AM) RhoRho: yup din din time it seems
(9:38:41 AM) Serial: nods. gotta feed the Aly mortal :)
(9:38:53 AM) Lirein: re...but about to log. I'm a bit tired as I didn't sleep that well last night, want to catch up some sleep. good night o/
(9:39:08 AM) Serial: night night Coryan
(9:39:17 AM) RhoRho: Nigh nigh thor :) rest well tongiht
(9:39:17 AM) Serial: *Corayn
(9:39:21 AM) Zen: Night Night Cor =)
(9:41:22 AM) Serial: ooh incursion :D
(9:41:51 AM) Serial: pop :D
(9:41:57 AM) RhoRho: yes :D
(9:41:58 AM) Zen: Undine!
(9:42:25 AM) Serial: *is expert undy infiltator *nod nod
(9:42:53 AM) Zen: done forget to set to stun

(9:56:52 AM) Zen: Huzah!
(9:58:42 AM) Kendra: Starbase projects are all running now
(10:02:13 AM) RhoRho: time to scoot... tah tah for now all :D
(10:02:16 AM) RhoRho: bbs
(10:02:22 AM) Serial: byeeee Rho Rho's
(10:03:30 AM) Serial: FF YAY Next!!!!
(10:04:38 AM) Serial: :D Ready?
(10:04:43 AM) Zen: Ready
(10:05:06 AM) Serial: ((Sorry, double click))
(10:05:34 AM) Serial: shall we do read-alertt whilst we await pop hehe
(10:05:43 AM) Serial: Risa system RA.
(10:05:44 AM) Serial: ?
(10:06:01 AM) Kendra: pop
(10:06:01 AM) Serial: hehe pop
(10:11:16 AM) Serial: well.. I never.. what hit me hehe
(10:12:07 AM) Serial: oooh I found some "Salvaged Technology"
(10:12:13 AM) Serial: [Salvaged Technology]
(10:12:24 AM) Zen: brb need to go afk
(10:12:28 AM) Serial: I don't know what it is.. but its shiney
(10:12:33 AM) Serial: kk Zen
(10:12:36 AM) Zen: can queue up next mission w/o me
(10:14:33 AM) Serial: shall we do a mission? :)
(10:14:56 AM) Serial: heading to SOL
(10:18:33 AM) Kendra: LOL xD
(10:18:40 AM) Serial: im stuck on you *giggle*
(10:18:43 AM) Kendra: you stucked in the glass
(10:18:58 AM) Serial: hey.. does this make me Snow White? :D
(10:19:02 AM) Serial: Is this my display case?
(10:19:32 AM) Kendra: beam out and try again
(10:19:59 AM) Kendra: thats the reason why bones hates beaming xD
(10:20:05 AM) Serial: LOL
(10:20:26 AM) Serial: I better beam up *giggle*
(10:22:24 AM) Kendra: come back
(10:24:49 AM) Serial: lets have a party at ship tailor :D
(10:25:33 AM) Serial: I lost the tailor?
(10:26:06 AM) Serial: *hug* thanks :)
(10:26:46 AM) Serial: *looks at colours
(10:26:53 AM) Serial: ooh wait.. but first.
(10:29:09 AM) Serial: ooooh Ship BLusher :D
(10:31:03 AM) Serial: You HAVE to see my new ship blusher :D
(10:31:11 AM) Serial: come see?
(10:31:52 AM) Serial: looky looky :D
(10:31:53 AM) Serial: :D
(10:31:58 AM) Serial: *blushes EXTRA red :D
(10:32:08 AM) Serial: *reflects sun*
(10:32:17 AM) Serial: love your likes Kendra :)
(10:32:43 AM) Kendra: its perfect for u.
(10:32:45 AM) Serial: ooh depending on angle, your silver-blue lining shines.
(10:32:48 AM) Serial: :D thank you
(10:32:52 AM) Kendra: it very Q now ;)
(10:33:02 AM) Serial: *hugs*
(10:33:08 AM) Kendra: like it ^.^
(10:33:28 AM) Kendra: i can vanish in the dark now ^.^
(10:33:38 AM) Serial: lol wow hehe
(10:33:54 AM) Serial: I can't see you unless the sun is shining right on you xD
(10:34:09 AM) Kendra: hehe that was the plan
(10:34:16 AM) Serial: wow you have pure black underbelly
(10:34:59 AM) Serial: what shall we do :D
(10:35:00 AM) Kendra: ^.^ and i love that
(10:35:10 AM) Kendra: are u lead
(10:35:11 AM) Kendra: ?
(10:35:32 AM) Serial: no Zen is still. We better reform team
(10:36:11 AM) Kendra: ok. i am afk for a few minutes brb
(10:51:18 AM) boomboomdabear: tis quiet today
(10:51:26 AM) Serial: Nine :D hi hi
(10:51:30 AM) boomboomdabear: hi
(10:51:45 AM) Serial: pew pew in progress hehe.
(10:51:54 AM) Serial: ((how are you? :)))
(10:51:57 AM) boomboomdabear: ah ic
(10:52:43 AM) Serial: I seem to have a weaker hull today.
(10:52:50 AM) Serial: wb Ang
(10:53:06 AM) Angarus: thankies, crashed pretty hard
(10:53:19 AM) Serial: wb
(10:53:54 AM) Angarus: cant get back in, it seems :/
(10:54:08 AM) Serial: no :( we finished
(10:54:16 AM) Serial: we can re-team when we get outs.
(10:54:25 AM) Angarus: :)
(10:54:38 AM) Kendra: and then we make a colony :P
(10:55:00 AM) Serial: COLONY! *CHEERS*
(10:55:13 AM) Serial: leaves ready to Q colony before forming team xD
(10:55:20 AM) Angarus: even the launcher is stuck
(10:55:52 AM) Serial: you stuck in launcher =/
(10:55:59 AM) Serial: eeek.
(11:26:22 AM) Serial: *preens in her new ship*
(11:29:57 AM) Zen: New ship? Excelsior retiring?
(11:31:15 AM) Serial: nooo... its just some ship blusher. makes all the difference.
(11:31:40 AM) Serial: Tried to invite Nine, but its saying Alegience doesn't match, but managed to invite before?
(11:32:03 AM) Zen: Nina's on KDF
(11:32:06 AM) boomboomdabear: yea was wondering
(11:32:14 AM) boomboomdabear: i can switch
(11:32:22 AM) Serial: if you wanna join :D
(11:32:24 AM) Zen: interesting
(11:32:46 AM) Serial: what shall we have then for Kendra's last one?
(11:32:53 AM) boomboomdabear: there will paly the fleet toon
(11:33:06 AM) Serial: welcome :D
(11:33:19 AM) Serial: *muses what is longest*hehe
(11:33:58 AM) Serial: Everyone up for a Breach? Im flexible as always *wiggles*
(11:34:05 AM) Zen: Sure
(11:34:17 AM) Serial: Yun? Breach?
(11:35:47 AM) Zen: To the breach!
(11:35:56 AM) Serial: hehe
(11:36:24 AM) Serial: "once more" for Kendra ;)
(11:51:54 AM) boomboomdabear: and crushed
(11:57:55 AM) boomboomdabear: yep
(2:01:38 PM) Serial: oooh pulsating sheilds :D
(12:01:54 PM) Serial: thanks Zath! :)
(12:02:33 PM) boomboomdabear: yep
(12:02:51 PM) Serial: oooh tier 1 iconian :D
(12:06:54 PM) Angarus: gnite yalls
(12:07:04 PM) Serial: night night Yun! Sweet dreams
(12:07:25 PM) Zen: Night night Yun
(12:07:36 PM) Angarus: will try :)
(12:07:39 PM) Angarus: nights!
(12:07:47 PM) Serial: byeeee
(12:11:57 PM) Zen: Who's in charge of the looking for possible armada fleets on KDF side?
(12:12:51 PM) Serial: Lirien.
(12:13:06 PM) Serial: I feel like KDF is her 'baby' since she is one looking out fot hat.
(12:13:07 PM) Serial: *for
(12:13:19 PM) Zen: Cause I have a friend who has runs a KDF fleet
(12:13:28 PM) Serial: I can do one more, before I go get lunch and have to do IRL flat tidy :)
(12:13:29 PM) Zen: said they'd be interested
(12:13:43 PM) Serial: let Liren know.. but shes logged for tonight.
(12:14:29 PM) Serial: want to do one more? :)
(12:14:43 PM) Zen: Sure I'll be around for a bit more
(12:14:50 PM) Zen: Think Lir already logged
(12:14:52 PM) Serial: :D ok. Which you like?
(12:15:02 PM) Serial: Yes. I think mortal lgone to sleep
(12:15:17 PM) Zen: i'm good with any
(12:15:45 PM) Zen: No concentration on any thing atm
(12:15:53 PM) Serial: ok :) you have lead I think? Q us :D
(12:15:55 PM) Zen: i have marks for the 3 i'm working on atm
(12:16:24 PM) Zen: you want ground or space?
(12:16:31 PM) Serial: im good for all :D
(12:16:42 PM) Zen: get ready for elites hehe
(12:16:51 PM) Serial: hehe go go *readies*
(12:17:26 PM) Zen: guess you did Bug hunt recently, i cant queue for it XD
(12:17:40 PM) Serial: I saw me queued for something?
(12:18:04 PM) Serial: pops :D
(12:18:04 PM) Zen: pop
(12:20:43 PM) Serial: beer please!
(12:21:02 PM) Serial: *orders from barkeep on Bajor*
(12:25:10 PM) Serial: whats he doing?
(12:25:15 PM) Zen: looks like he bugged
(12:33:56 PM) Serial: have they allways closed up the hole on Elite?
(12:33:58 PM) Zen: anyone know when the armada thing goes live?
(12:34:04 PM) Zen: friend's asking
(12:34:26 PM) Serial: nops. I don't Rho will and Tami will I think
(12:35:08 PM) Zen: I want that intelligence outfit...I like the coat =D
(12:36:11 PM) Zen: good for more?
(12:38:28 PM) Serial: :D go on
(12:38:43 PM) Serial: hehe <.< >.> before the mortal notices he's not eaten *giggle*
(12:38:47 PM) Serial: Q us.
(12:40:20 PM) Zen: Not sure what else to queue us for D
(12:40:36 PM) Serial: hehe. CE is good :)
(12:40:43 PM) Serial: *is ready for the CE*
(12:40:54 PM) Zen: what's CE? XD
(12:40:57 PM) Serial: [Radiant Antiproton Stun Pistol Mk XII [CritD] [CrtH] [Dmg]] I got this, any good?
(12:41:17 PM) Serial: oh.. I mean CCA
(12:41:34 PM) Serial: pops :)
(12:41:35 PM) Zen: pop
(12:46:15 PM) Serial: ooouch
(12:47:01 PM) Zen: radiation burn >.<
(12:51:09 PM) Zen: Burning green eyes!
(12:51:37 PM) Serial: hehe scary xD
(12:51:52 PM) Serial: ((*taps serry on shoulder* time for Mortal to eat))
(12:51:58 PM) Serial: Awwwww.. *pouts*
(12:52:03 PM) Serial: *hugs Zen.
(12:52:19 PM) Serial: better be feeding and let him clean up for flat inspection.
(12:52:27 PM) Serial: oooh my eyes are back :D
(12:52:49 PM) Serial: thank u Zen.. great battle :D
(12:52:58 PM) Zen: It was fun =D
(12:53:10 PM) Serial: :D will be back for more tommorow ^^
(12:53:13 PM) Serial: byeeee for now
(12:53:24 PM) Zen: Same, around 3pm eastern time for me
(12:53:39 PM) frtoaster: Later, Seri
(12:53:41 PM) Serial: nods. probably earlier ^^ if I can
(12:54:02 PM) Serial: byee Euphnia :)
(12:54:07 PM) Zen: I'm going to be at work from 5am-3pm >.<