The Goddesses are an all Female Character fleet and heavily focused on being the damn best looking Fleet around (so thats people particularly into the Tailoring and Costume aspects of the game, anyone whos put alot of love into creating their female characters is highly likely to be very welcome to join the fleet but the selection process is tough and only the best of the best are admitted [no boring standard uniforms here])!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Little holiday for the Mortal

Hey'a babes,

Serry here.

The mortal's batteries needed charging so I'm whisking him off out into the countryside for some rest and relaxation. I will be back soon, before you have a chance to miss me *giggles*.

Kendra, and the girls. This song is for you all.. but especially Kendra :)

We did start the fire! *giggles*


Monday, 17 February 2014

Goddesses 4th Birthday this year!

Wow. I was looking back and on the 13th of September this year it will be the Goddesses 4th Birthday! :D

Goddesses Fleet Manager - Ship ordering now available

Hi'ya sexy Q :),

I've inspired the mortal to make something for every Q.

Goddesses Fleet Manager App. (Beta)

I hope you all like it *giggles*. Goddesses, your password is the main Q I most associate each of your mortals handles with. If you don't know which that is, or have trouble, ask me in game :).

ps.  Daisy, we miss you. Don't stay away forever.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Something fun! Thanks to delicious Daisy for introducing us all to this little song :D

I've been putting a lot of things in my mouth lately, including my foot *giggles*. It is always good to go back and remember the lessons here:

Glad of every Q.

A quick hey-a / shout out to the Q who are on the top of my mind (in totally random order):

  • T'Kyr,
  • Daisy,
  • Kendra,
  • Angel,
  • Aidan,
  • Rho-Rho,
  • Bane,
  • Yun-In,
  • Asag (I hope I got that right *giggle*),
  • Corayn (sure I will get that wrong =/ don't know why I can't spell it same way twice),
  • Rachel (Rae)
Also, a shout out to the amazing Goddess-worthy honorary Goddesses:
  • Connie Do'It (aka Nemesis Chicken - bawk),
  • Amelia (I's a Mischie),
See you all next time! :D

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Just as a thought of mine

Hi all together :)

Because my English is not so o well, it may be that I misunderstand what here.
But what it looks like there are still differences of opinion how we should support the fleet projects.

I had an idea:

We could divide working groups.

Three people take care of the Spire, three others to the Embassy and so on ...

So we could equally with all four Holdings make progress without it conflicting and misunderstandings any more ...

Just as a thought of mine.

See you all soon. * HUGS ALL *

Kendra :)

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Daisy's Proposal

In an effort to clarify the ideas put forth by Daisy@Col.Potter in a venue free of unrelated chatter or crosstalk, I am posting a directly transcribed copy of her thoughts here on the blog so you all can read it.
The views herein expressed are Daisy@Col.Potter's proposal to adjust our approach to fleet development and are submitted for review and fleet discussion.

Goddesses' love to all our sisters <3  (be thoughtful, be considerate, be heard, be kind)

Aidan xo xo <3


<< Begin captioned text>>

My idea was just that we pick one tier and one tier only to level. The mine, the starbase, whichever. Instead of trying to work on four different systems we build one up completely.

Provisions would still be queued as needed based on demand or stock.

Thinking: Currently some projects sit for ages before finished and I feel if we had fewer to choose from the resources that we do have would be better applied. Like when doing the character rep systems. It's easy to pick on and max it out before switching to the next.

As is projects are competing with each other for resources.

We're a small fleet with limited resources. There's nothing wrong with that and everyone gives what they can or want. And that's fine too. But we can't have everything at once, which seems to be the model currently in place. We should see ourselves as in debt with four very large bills. Pick the one that means the most to us and chip away at it with every thing we've got.

The level of contributions doesn't have to change.Give the same way as you have or care to. No change there. What would change is the projects that are open. They would only be in one area, [the mine for example] and would/should be completed faster.

The drawback is that progress in the other three tiers would stop whilewe're working on our main one. In the end, we would have one awesome tier and three that are as they currently are.

I think we've reached the point where we can afford to halt three tiers in favour of one. We currently have access to some great gear (for those that want it), and if a member needs needs NEEDS something better, a friend fleet may have it and be willing to sell it.

We all want the fleet holdings to progress and grow. Tha much is clear as even the most casual members donate and contribute.

With this idea we may not progress evenly but we will progress noticeably. It's just a way to selectivelydo more with what we've already got.

In short: One tier to work on and one only. Provisions stocked as needed. No need or pressure to increase donations, no ramp ups, no "nose to the grindstone".

It isn't a new thing being pushed, it's a slight change in something we're already doing and doing well.

If it works we should see bit, obvious improvements and reap the benefits from it (if you want them).

<< END captioned Text >>

Sunday, 26 January 2014

A friendly reminder against unfriendly channel behaviour

Every Q knows that Goddesses is a great mix of all sorts of types. Goddesses are never as simple as one thing, but they all have things in common:

  1. Amazing outfits and dress-sense.
  2. Sexy, Smart, Intelligent and Kind
  3. Tolerant of others and accepting of differences.
  4. Fun loving, Dance happy and chatty (when inclined)
There are though, some things, that are very much not of the Goddesses. Mostly, because we are all of the above I don't need to mention them much but in recent times there has been a little bit of loss of sight of some of these godlessly aspects.

Whilst we are a wonderful, flirty and sexy fleet, one thing no Q shall ever be is:

  1. Pushy
  2. Bullying
  3. Sexist (though hatred of 'the things that man does is ok' *giggles*)
  4. Harassing (and ESPECIALLY no sexual harassment, not even in jest)
  5. Aggressive towards other (even if 'asked for' a Q is bigger and can rise above, to the side and generally all around better than this)
Any of the above behaviours won't be tolerated in channel, but mostly other Q will call their sisterhood on their behaviour and that should be an end to the matter. However, persistent and on going acts of the above (without temper or attempt to make right) will be sad grounds for Q exile. So far we have not lost a single Q to such things and its my fond hope this shall never change.

Finally, there is one thing, above all others which is something that is immediate grounds for dismissal from the Q and I need every Q to carefully watch for this and report it. All reports will be taken seriously and investigated and no action will be taken until facts are clear. Though when facts ARE clear whom ever does this will be immediately expelled regardless of their rank, status or anything else. I am speaking of a person acting in any fashion towards other members which shows a disrespect for women and the integrity of their own sexual choices! A person does not have to agree with or particularly support any set of choices but they must respect, honour and above all make sure that each and every Q never feels pressure from any other Q to be anything except for themselves and a result of their own careful decision process. Its particularly important that no one is denied. A Q is what she says she is, and no one except her has the right to dictate what that means or what she must be. Anyone behaving contrary to this in an open, uncaring fashion (e.g. does not listen to objections and continues this behaviour) will be bumped down to a mortal faster than light reaches earth.

Having said all that, Q always welcome discussion and debate if held respectfully in channel (and when objections are raised taken into personal chats with people who wish to conduct them). We all learn from each other and there is no one way, except the way we find for ourselves by finding our own true will (though if there is anything close, its being good and caring to others and doing what we know is right). True will is a not as simple as what we desire or what we require, but its finding that thread in ourselves which makes us happy and productive, giving us our own personal sense of purpose and fulfilment. I recommend all Q seek this always and remember than even when our individual wills clash with others, that finding the way to keep out wills without squashing another's ability to be happy, loving and purposeful is the goal of all life.

Blessed be,
Serry and her mortal