The Goddesses are an all Female Character fleet and heavily focused on being the damn best looking Fleet around (so thats people particularly into the Tailoring and Costume aspects of the game, anyone whos put alot of love into creating their female characters is highly likely to be very welcome to join the fleet but the selection process is tough and only the best of the best are admitted [no boring standard uniforms here])!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Goddesses and faithful Q

The time has come, the time of rebirth, of making the fleet like new.

We have lost our way, caught in amongst the ways of the mortal realm as their thoughts whisper to us enticingly!

Sister fought sister and trust was thrown into the jaws of suspicion and retaliation.

We must fight this pollution by mortal ideals, strive to regain what has always given us such heart, what made us great!

We have stumbled, on our path, but let us not fall. Let not these setback destroy what is in our hearts. The future lies with us!

We can and shall rebuild a new, stronger, better and from the heart.

I too have been brought down low by the bickering between mortals, by the rumors and gossip, by my own turning one by one to the darkest impulses of humanity. Us, Q born of the universe, children of eternity. Not now, we made ourselves into orphans of time and we have been forcibly ejected from the loving continuum that was our mother, birthplace and home.

I ask each of you, to put aside petty mortal concerns and remember why we came together. Remember the beauty in the one of the Q. Not to forget that with ultimate power, reveals that the only forces of worth are love in balance.

Let us take OUR universe and press it irrevocably on the mortal realm and not let that realm tear ours apart.

Sisters, unite... put aside the past. The past is gone and we can all be reborn. In our new birth we can become as one for each other, and none for themselves. This is where we have power and where we must stay.

With love,
Goddess Serial
The least of the many.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Correction of false impressions

It's been brought to my attention that some Q have taken my recent comments incorrectly.

So, to clear things up:

People giving to the fleet is the lifeblood of us all. I really appreciate and feel so lucky that everyone gives so generously.

What I was trying to convey in my last comment is, that whilst this is true and important. I hold nothing above caring for others. .

When it comes to contributions, they are great, but what is greater is someone who cares for everyone and works to help people. Someone who does both is, awesome.

All give so much and without self interest. They show love for the fleet as a whole.

I :( can't give as much as you all, I always have not been able to give as much as I have been so lucky to receive. I feel honoured, by such amazing friends, but also bad that I can't keep up.

Most of my friends have never made me feel anything but special and important.

Speaking of friends, one of my great friends tells me of a company her friend runs which must be awesome (being a friend of my friend):

So check out :

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Observations from a broken leader

Heya, Yun here. Finally found my login credentials again.

First of all, are most people really that uncomfortable with me being one of the leaders? I never got that feeling from anyone, aside from Aidan.

As for the Pirates, I have an overwhelming total of two toons in those fleets. Their fleet ranks are low, which is how I prefer it. The Pirate fleet has always come after friends and Goddesses.

I'm pretty sure I haven't complained about people buying fleet ships. If anything, I'd encourage more people to get them.

I did support Aidan for a long time and tried to be there for her, but when she started to attack the entire Pirates fleet, most of whom are my friends and most of whom were innocents in her initial conflict with a couple of main Pirate members, she crossed a major line with me.
All I wanted for the Goddesses chat was for it to be an environment free from hatred toward others, believing that such things should be kept private.
Long ago, Aidan asked me to tell her when she was being ridiculous and unreasonable.
I told Aidan to stop, but she wouldn't. I then kicked her out of the chat to make her see that she was being ridiculous and unreasonable.
I also warned her in official fleet leader capacity that if she'd do it again, she'd be kicked out of the fleet, since hatred is not what we're about.

Obviously, this backfired and instead escalated things further, as Aidan kicked most of my toons from the fleet.

Ever since, my self esteem took a major hit and it caused several relapses when it comes to my generalised anxiety disorder, caused by being severely bullied into a suicidal depression in the past.

I started to feel unwanted, unloved, alienated, not worthy enough to be human. Almost exactly how I felt when I was depressed.

And I felt manipulated against, though I never took action.

I feel vilified and demonised.

And I could do nothing but watch as everything we all built these past years almost came tumbling down. A fleet almost destroyed because of all of this stupidity.

All I ever wanted was peace and a place without hate.

Instead, there's nothing but ashes.

I'm very tempted to leave both the Goddesses and the game itself.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Goddessed Forums

Hi Girls,

I've got the mortal working on this, promise :).

He's going slow because basically outside of work he only gets 2 hours free time a day in the week and then whatever time he can grab at the weekends. The problem with that is *giggles* I grab every hour I can from him *winks* so it doesn't leave much time.

None the less, he has managed to make a starts. Though right now its not pretty and therefore not Goddess worthy, but I'll work with him on it :).

Happy hunting lovelies, save some Favours for me if you have spares *giggles*