The Goddesses are an all Female Character fleet and heavily focused on being the damn best looking Fleet around (so thats people particularly into the Tailoring and Costume aspects of the game, anyone whos put alot of love into creating their female characters is highly likely to be very welcome to join the fleet but the selection process is tough and only the best of the best are admitted [no boring standard uniforms here])!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Calling a vote to open up the top rank to worthy Goddesses

Short version is, I want to vote to see if we can agree to open the top rank to nominated people who have been with us a long time and put in alot of love to our fleet ^^.

(6:57:08 PM) DoggyDude: want to table a motion.... I vote to enter *redacted on vote* into the top rank AND that we allow people to join the top rank (e.g. disband the idea of 'core' in the ranks)
(6:57:46 PM) DoggyDude: because 1) I never liked the seeming "priviledge" aspect (even if its not that), 2) we have amazing people who should not be restricted
(6:58:04 PM) pqtaggart13: doesn't 'table' mean you're stopping the motion?
(6:58:06 PM) DoggyDude: 3) I think it leads to people feeling we are a "Them and Us" fleet and thats bad.
(6:58:15 PM) DoggyDude: I mean table, as in put it to a vote.
(6:58:26 PM) pqtaggart13: 'table' means to save it for later :)
(6:58:33 PM) DoggyDude: meaning, unless we have a good reason against my suggestion we go
(6:58:44 PM) DoggyDude: oh, well in the UK, to table a motion is to enter it into play
(6:58:46 PM) kyrissis: yup- you FAIL on parlimentary procedure
(6:58:50 PM) pqtaggart13: OH MY GOD
(6:58:52 PM) DoggyDude: its like when you Table your hand in card
(6:59:02 PM) pqtaggart13: I just looked it up on Wikipedia and guess what I found
(6:59:13 PM) DoggyDude: you wouldn't table your cards unless you wanted them considered by everyone
(6:59:15 PM) pqtaggart13: the US is literally the ONLY English speaking country that does that
(6:59:26 PM) pqtaggart13:
(6:59:29 PM) DoggyDude: lol
(6:59:33 PM) pqtaggart13: that is embarrassing
(6:59:50 PM) DoggyDude: LOL kinda
(7:00:06 PM) kyrissis: wow
(7:00:09 PM) DoggyDude: it doesn't make sense to me to table something your not going to use
(7:00:12 PM) pqtaggart13: it's like how we're the only country in the world where 'Republican' has a right-wing connotation
(7:00:16 PM) kyrissis: yup- USa is backawrds as always
(7:00:24 PM) DoggyDude: we say "we are going to park this issue" if we take it off the table
(7:00:42 PM) pqtaggart13: in fact the Republicans are actually members of the International Democrat Union (IDU), a worldwide organization of center-right political parties
(7:00:48 PM) kyrissis: nope- to us table means to \put it aside
(7:00:48 PM) DoggyDude: thanks T'Sar that must cause much confusion! :) good to understand
(7:01:45 PM) kyrissis: well its probably always best to just asusme the USa ia just wrong on most anything
(7:02:51 PM) DoggyDude: I better blog post so others can read / access ^^


(7:03:18 PM) pqtaggart13: i think maybe you should do a fleet mail
(7:04:28 PM) pqtaggart13: but I do hereby second the nomination of Mel as newest council member :)
(7:05:34 PM) pqtaggart13: however i call a point of order
(7:05:43 PM) DoggyDude: hmm, I think first I should run it by Lir, Rho and Ang pretty certain Rho will be on board.
(7:05:44 PM) DoggyDude: Reason I am doing that is I don't want to stir up fleet discussion until the main people all at least know its going down :)
(7:06:00 PM) DoggyDude: oh, what is the point of order? :)
(7:06:37 PM) DoggyDude: (e.g. I learned from my last getting burned on delivering the news about the Amada Merge *yikes*)
(7:07:20 PM) DoggyDude: *listening for point of order, Mel = ++*
(7:07:21 PM) kyrissis: well i do feel the regular goddess players woh log in all the time and take the time to be ehre and help with fleet projects shoudl have some say in what is going on
(7:07:32 PM) pqtaggart13: chairwoman, without malice or intent for disorder i respectfully request that you recuse yourself from the nomination proceedings
(7:08:08 PM) DoggyDude: hmm, that's kinda true.
(7:08:08 PM) pqtaggart13: i have reason to believe that your nomination of the aforementioned 'T'Sar' is broadly defined as nepotism and thus grounds for a quash!
(7:08:37 PM) kyrissis: well by proposing those to be nominated you sorta are controling who gets promoted which defeats the purpose of all of this since you are the leader
(7:08:47 PM) pqtaggart13: seconded!
(7:09:01 PM) DoggyDude: I would say, favouritim might apply :P not sure I'm ready to see sexy T'Sar as family there xD even if she is off the male table tehee
(7:09:26 PM) kyrissis: how about we let all thosse other council people and long term meberrs VOTE instead
(7:09:26 PM) pqtaggart13: i hereby suggest that each member of the original council suggest names for potential promotion!
(7:09:34 PM) DoggyDude: okay so I should scratch the nominations from the record?
(7:10:01 PM) pqtaggart13: i so move to that effect yes ma'am
(7:10:09 PM) DoggyDude: right I shall let the record show the names will be striked
(7:10:14 PM) pqtaggart13: stricken
(7:10:30 PM) kyrissis: otherwise it looks like you are stacking the deck with your friends
(7:10:44 PM) pqtaggart13: it does kind of look that way yes

Friday, 15 June 2018

Cryptic and StarTrek online don't know how to write a game

EDIT: With furthur playing, there are some small nice touches to the game, its just a pitty they are all within the scope of the below complaints. I wouldn't say "Don't play" I'd say, "Cryptic and PWE can do better" and in many ways by being less arses by allowing players to make the decisions instead of forcing some outcome (and if its a plot point, let the player at least figure how they go about getting there).

So, I'm here after being stupifyingly disapointed and annoyed by the latest "Victory is Life" update. I have a long list of "grievences" so I'll start by summorsing them:

  • Invisible barriers EVERYWHERE!
  • The WORST kind of 'rail' play where there are ZERO choices and 100 stupid tasks pretending to be choices (with ZERO conviction).
  • No Female Jem'hadar option (unnecessary sexism, wouldn't have even been bad if it was an asexual race, but its just MALE).
  • On dying respawing pushes you forward in mission, you could skip all the missions just dying, respawing then pressing next button (oh and incase you wanted to PLAY the part you missed by dying, the invisible walls around the balcony prevent you going back).
So lets qualify, lets look at the introductory mission for the Jem'hadar (mine was called Jemma Hadar in protest of unnecessary sexism). You start off on a balcony overlooking a beautiful backdrop. Can you jump off the balcony? NO. Well, bullshit, but at least its not part of the mission (but that's rather the point about shitty rails and NON game). So, can you climb on the rocks by the gate to get on top? NO. Can, infact, you do ANYTHING of ANY interest? NO. All you can do is talk to the guard then follow a narrowly defined path which had nothing of interest on either side and even when it DOES you can't leave the path to check it out (so the whole mission could be replaced by a text file containing Dialog and a free view camera map viewer AND BE A BETTER GAME). So, next your told to restrain the prisoners, no real indication WHY they are prisoners or WHY you might be restraining them, or indeen any interesting facts provided. So, I decided, Jemma is her own person and is not going to restrain anyone escaping. So the prisoners all come and attack me (which is fucking stupid because if your escaping a high security facility you DONT stop to try and attack the guard thats not stopping you). So it's bullshit unbelievable.

Anyway, these types of theme continue throughout the game making you wish you where either dead or had chosen a better game to be your primary game as this game is worse than mindless drivel. Sorry, but I have to be fully honest.

They did do some things well, they remodeled DS9 to be more in line with the original layout. They added a nice feature in the way of spiral staircases, which where very enjoyable. Then they released a patch which prevented you falling off the straircases, MADE ME SO ANGRY. The stairs where actually fun, and now they are just ANOTHER FUCKING BORING RAIL.


So now PWE and Cryptic turned me into a agressive moron with their bad gaming, I can only be glad that there are lots of good people who play the game to make it worth while.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

How to use the STO 32bit Client

StarTrek online may be installed in one of several folders depending on where you sourced your game, either via Arc, Steam or installed from DVD. You will need to first figure your install location but it will be likely one of the following:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live\x86
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Star Trek Online_en\Star Trek Online\Live\x86
  • C:\Program Files\Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live\x86
So this folder is the 32 bit version of the game client:
  1. So, find your "Live" folder (this is a folder under where you installed StarTrek Online)
  2. Find the X86 folder under live
  3. Create a shortcut to the GameClient.exe in that folder
  4. Change / Modify the"Start In" to remove the final \X86 leave the surrounding quotes :

 To edit to match the above:

  1. Scroll your "Start in" and "Target" edit boxes to right by placing your cursor in them and moving it to extreem right with arrows or pressing end key.

Friday, 8 June 2018

I wonder which I'll choose?

Is it just me or is this an intelligence test in discuise?

Serry's Winter Vacation with Fandori

Here's where I'm going next:
Here I am :D

Sunday, 3 June 2018

StarWars Solo is a must see

I went tonight with friends to check out the latest StarWars movie and boy I was impressed!

The main actor who played Han Solo had perfectly captured a version of the role incoporating all the charm and character, yet with a youthful bent. It was simply a pleasure to see his performance. Chewbaka's introduction was beautifully done, it was predictable but in a pleasureably satisfying way which completed the character.

I hated Rouge One, I found it pretty poor and a total absense of "StarWar's" ness. Trying to distance itself and make it feel new. For me it completely failed to be a good movie and butchered much of the existing Starwars iconic asepects (particularly destroying many of the anthems).

In stark contrast Solo was a romp, returning to form and capturing all the joy, intreege and character of the originals in a new and fresh way which paid due hommage to, genre and fans alike.

People who know me will realise I'm typically critical looking for the flaws, but this movie simply blew me away!

There was only one moment where I noticed I was even watching a movie (as appose to having an epic store experience) and that was when a prolonged "train robbery" followed by a space scuffle had a slightlypoor scoring of music which momentarily lifted me from the action.

I really recommend going to see this movie!